Douglas-fir (2-gal)

(Pseudotsuga menziesii) Named for two Scots – botanists David Douglas and Archibald Menzies – the Douglas-fir confounded classification for years. Consider just a few of its common names: Oregon Pine, Red Fir, Red Spruce. Curiously, it is more closely related to the larch than any of these. Eventually, this majestic conifer received its own genus, the fitting Pseudotsuga (false hemlock). Unlike the sharp spruce needles, Douglas-fir needle tips are soft. On large trees, the thick bark is deeply furrowed, more than any other tree in the region. Today, the state tree of Oregon produces more timber than any other American species, and under favorable conditions, by age 10 it can grow to 15 feet in height. Often found in areas destroyed by fire, the Douglas-fir thrives in direct sunlight and is shade intolerant.

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Large tree


Full sun




up to 250′



Popular Christmas tree

Propagated from plugs at Maple Tree Corner.


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