Western Redcedar (Bareroot)

(Thuja plicata) The magnificent Western Redcedar was observed by the Malaspina Expedition on the west side of Vancouver Island, British Columbia in 1791. Found primarily in the Pacific Northwest, it has been called the “tree of life” by the Kwakwaka’wakw of the central coast of British Columbia. Under favorable conditions it can attain heights of 200 feet. Unlike its fir and hemlock peers, Western Redcedar retains its lower branches as it gets larger, creating an oasis of green, scale-like tendrils in the dense forest. This species, with its spicy, sweet scent, generally inhabits moist flats and slopes, the banks of rivers an swamps. It does not flourish in dry soils.

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Large tree


Part shade to full shade


Moderate to heavy


up to 230′



Sweet scent
Retains lower branches

Propagated by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources.


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